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Zombies.  I can’t stand them.  Drooling, dripping, devoid of any redeeming qualities.  (You can tell them apart from politicians because zombies are better conversationalists.)  Chris reminded me of my general disgust with zombies over here, and I wanted to take a minute exploring that.  Yes, this started out as a joke post, but I realized that I’ve been reading some Silent Hill reviews by Shamus over at Twenty Sided, and figured that there’s a serious bit of game design analysis to be unearthed here.

It’s funny; I’ll never play one of the so-called “horror” games, and I don’t watch horror movies.  Reading Shamus’ articles on Silent Hill, though, I do find that there are some solid game design principles that such games are uniquely poised to take advantage of.  Before that, though, Zombies… (more…)

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