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These holiday seasons always give me reason to stop and think a bit about life.  For the last few years, that has meant that I’m ever more serious about shuffling things around.  The “Christmas” stuff I see in stores and hear on the radio from November 1st onward really make me wish for the shuffle.

So what is it?  I simply propose that we swap Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving.  With Valentine’s Day in November, those who are rather bitter towards it have something to look forward to in Christmas.  (Rather than what… Memorial Day?  Independence Day?  Labor Day?)  With Thanksgiving after Christmas, it doesn’t get lost between the “hell and heaven” holidays of Halloween and Christmas like a red headed stepchild, and most importantly, people can recover from Christmas and then actually give proper Thanks for the junk, er, stuff, er… gifts they received.

The naked greed that Christmas has come to represent (thanks, capitalism!) could be properly followed and tempered with a bit of gratefulness, rather than a period of hibernation and then a bit of lust.

Then again, that might mean that the Halloween candy that goes on sale on Nov. 1 may well be shuffled out of the store quicker, to make room for the little heart candies.  I’m undecided on that, since I love the heart candies… but I love cheap candy on sale as well.  Decisions, decisions…

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