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Disclosure time. I don’t have an xBox. I did, however, work for these guys on this xBox game for the 360’s Live service. It should be out… sometime in the next 12 hours. Or thereabouts.

It’s a fun sandbox style kingdom building game that I’d definitely play… if I had the machine for it. As it is, I’ll probably be playing on our company’s machine here and there under the Gamertag “Silverook”.

Here’s the Facebook release party… thing. I don’t have a Facebook account either, so I’m pretty much out of the loop. All my blathering goes, well… here.  EDIT:  OK, I’ve caved and made a Facebook account.  This is so… weird.  I’m much better with blogging… and that’s still a hack job.

For the game, I did technical art… stuff, so the game would look all pretty and appealing. I built buildings, textured them, and handled some of the tech art geek stuff making Microsoft’s Avatars fit into our game. (Our engineers did the hard work, I just did some Maya and Max rigging and animation.) It’s very cool seeing their avatars in our game. (The pain making Maya play nice with Max is totally worth it.)

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So yes, this is me shilling for a cool game that I worked on. Please tell anyone and everyone who might be interested about the game, and if all five of you buy the game, I might get a few cents in royalties. Whee! If all of your relatives and friends buy it too, that would make me happy.

It will be available for download on the Live service here fairly soon. If nothing else, there should be a playable demo, and you can get a feel for the sort of zaniness and fun that I get to work on. It’s really good to see everything come together. I’ll admit, it’s nice to earn money for it, too.

If there’s interest in it, I could probably construct a post mortem for the game, too. We’ve talked about doing one, so I’m sure that I could put together something interesting. I’m just a lowly technical artist, so I can’t promise anything… but I’d certainly welcome the opportunity to explain a bit about what went into the game.

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Sell and Resell

I’ve written about capturing RMT demand before, and how Puzzle Pirates does it right. I’ve also written about how publishers are whining about used game sales.

What if a Guild Wars-like MMO business model not only allowed account sales, but facilitated them? (more…)

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