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Apparently, there’s been some kerfluffle about this little teaser from EA:

Bioware’s Star Wars MMO to use Microtransactions

So now they “misrepresented the facts” and are pulling back from a semi-controversial comment.


Since when did EA give a flying flan’s flagella about PR?  This is the company that actively abuses its customers.  (All in the name of antipiracy, of course… political parallels?  Nope, not here, this is not the country you’re looking for.)  They are also publicly traded, and utterly beholden to their shareholders.  Some of those investors might actually be paying attention to the market, which has actively abused subscription based MMOs by anyone who isn’t Blizzard, and an economy that is rapidly approaching Depression era level meltdown.

In a world where Maple Story is profitable but Age of Conan and Warhammer are floundering, microtransactions make sense.  I’d actually suggest a dual currency model where purchaseable items are cosmetic or frivolous rather than gameplay altering, but such a common sense moderate (and demonstrably profitable) plan just has no place in the rabid fanboy world of the internet.

Players are demanding another failure based on the subscription business model, all while whining that WoW is awful and that there’s no innovation in the MMO genre.  Y’know who’s to blame for that?  Yup, the idiots who complain about innovation and who keep their WoW subscription alive.

It’s the economy, stupid.  Then again, when the U.S. is behind Croatia and Liechtenstein in mathematic comprehension, I guess this shouldn’t surprise me.

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