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News Nuggets

I happened upon two interesting articles today:

What Carriers Aren’t Eager to Tell You About Texting

Worlds.com Files Suit Against NCsoft – Every Other MMO Company To Follow?

Regarding the first, I’ve always believed that the $15 subscription fee in MMOs has little bearing on what it actually costs to provide the service. That’s especially true as time goes on and technology improves, making maintenance costs go down. Strong competitors, like upstart “RMT” or other F2P games could make the genre more honest.

Regarding the second, it seems like a bit of a frivolous case, but if it finds footing, I’d hate to see the genre smothered or costs go up (which would have the same effect, just delayed a bit). This is yet another squeeze on the MMO business. I do have to admire the audacity of Worlds.com, and their timing. NCSoft is over a barrel, at least Stateside, and makes for a much easier target than Blizzard. It will be interesting to see where this lawsuit winds up.

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