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I’ve written about my own concerns regarding content delivery and monetization in the MMO world, but I’ve largely ignored console gaming.  Part of that is because I happen to work in consoles, and I can’t really talk much about what I do until after it’s released… and even then, not so much.  It’s also partially because I’ve been playing MMOs more lately, trying to see what all the fuss is about.

Still, when I see an article like this one, I feel as though I should call attention to it:

Birdmen and the Casual Fallacy

It’s an insightful, if occasionally grumpy, look at Nintendo’s apparent business strategy.  Anyone interested in the game industry would be well served to ingest and internalize it.  Nintendo’s “Disruptive Strategy” also serves as a model to see where MMO monetization may go in the next few years.  A company with humble beginnings but a well-plotted disruptive strategy, like a Puzzle Pirates or Wizard 101, is better positioned for the future than might be readily apparent.

Economic times are changing out there, and it would behoove us as designers (and even gamers) to understand why and how to make the most of the new landscape.

Why be content to ride the waves when you can be making them?

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