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In another entry that is probably largely redundant, I just wanted to take a quick look at the role that a customizable skill-based character mechanic might have in breaking the stagnant Tank/Healer/Damage Dealer triangle in most modern MMO combat.

Firstly, I see the mechanics of healing, protection/mitigation and damage dealing as being key functions of combat.  I don’t dispute that.  You need a way to kill the enemy, not be killed in return, and heal up when things go sour.  Throughout “real world” history, that has meant a weapon, armor, and some sort of medical support.  Notably, the real world doesn’t really have “instant heals” or even “heals over time” that function over the span of a few seconds, but we do get to make concessions to make the game fun.  So, ignoring that healing was something usually done after combat was over, and often over the span of days if not longer, we’re back to kill/defend/heal.

Question #1:  Why do those functions need to be filled by different people? (more…)


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