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Depressed Yet?

This is an interesting article on the financial structures and psychology behind recessions and depressions:

It’s a “D”, not an “R”, folks

It’s a fairly quick read, and well worth the few minutes.

Edited to add disclaimer: This blog does not promote the Fair Tax, or partisan politics. All incompetence is skewered without regard for political affiliation.  Feel free to ignore the bit at the end of the article; the important thing here is the structural difference between a depression and a recession.  A recession is mostly attitude, and cycles with time.  A depression is a collapse of structurally deficient elements within an economy.

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I’ve slipped away a bit the last week to do some work on a super secret game design project.  It’s fairly far removed from MMO design, and it’s not officially announced yet, in addition to being a time sink.  So… my normal MMO pontificating will be light for a little while.

Then again, you could blame Ysharros’ pointy springloaded thingies that found their way into my armchair.  *shrug*

Whatever the case, I’ll be following the discussion on Wiqd’s blog regarding the Harvest Moon MMO design, as well as making the usual blog rounds.

Lum the Mad might complain about those of us not in the rarified company of “true” game designers, but our recent discussions around here and at Wiqd’s place have been more constructive than whining, and I’d love to maintain that when I get fired up here again.  It’s a lot more fun to create than tear someone else down.

Oh, and once this secret project is announced, I’ll post a link here.  It’s going to be cool.

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