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FEAR the Cats

I’m not a fan of the F.E.A.R. games; I grew out of FPS years ago (I’m too slow in my old age), and I don’t care for M rated content or horror.  That said, this is just plain awesome:

Black Cats Advertise F.E.A.R. 2

I’m not particularly fond of most advertising schlock, either, but this strikes me as a bit of brilliance.  I just hope people don’t kick the cats.

Is it bad that I think I’d get a kick out of just sitting in the mall seeing how people react?  Superstition amuses me for some reason.

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I stumbled onto this article over on Gamasutra:

Redefining the Gameplay Narrative Divide:  Crisis Core

I’ve admitted it before, but to reiterate, I like the Final Fantasy game line.  FFVII isn’t my favorite in the series (that would be X, then VI, then VII), but it’s still a great game.  I own and still enjoy Advent Children.  I would love to play Crisis Core, but I don’t want to pony up for a PSP.  Heck, I still might pick up Dirge of Cerberus, if I had the time.

Crisis Core is apparently a giant fractured flashback.  (Which should be obvious, since the lead character is dead by the time FFVII starts.)  Some of the CC mechanics and storytelling fudge the chronology a bit, as flashbacks are wont to do.  By so doing, they make both the gameplay and the story more interesting.

I wanted to play the game before, but now I want to play it even more.  I appreciate good game design and good storytelling, and innovations like this are right up my alley.

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