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Thomas Jefferson Quotes

I happened upon this little collection of Thomas Jefferson quotes today, and found it quite interesting in its contrast with “Bail ’em out Bush” and “I can do that, but bigger, Obama”.

Thomas Jefferson on Money and Banks

There’s also this collection of TJ quotes, which hits a few other high points:

Thomas Jefferson Collection

Let’s just say, I’m in a Chicago Tea Party mood lately.

That said, Denninger over on the Market Ticker suggested a few weeks ago to send a bag of tea to your concresscritter as a not-so-subtle message that We the People aren’t exactly happy campers.  As historically appealing as that suggestion is, I’m not sure that he’s aware of the Halo generation and some of the implications thereof.  Then again, perhaps today’s rebellious youth would enjoy spreading their particular FPS madness to the Congressional floor.  *shrug*

This Flintlocke comic is as far as I go to explain.

For the Birds

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Or, how Lum the Mad sparked a comment by JZig that made me think *again* that quarterly server resets would solve a lot of problems:

The Mordred Problem

I’m no fan of hardcore PvP servers, but in the hypothetical MMO designs I play with, giving power to the players for economic and geographic mucking about does introduce many of the same sort of power structure problems if there aren’t periodic resets.  I think that any time that you give players power that can be used for griefing, you have to limit it somehow, and periodic wipes are a good way to clean the table to keep players from getting too out of line, at least when it comes to establishing unassailable bastions of griefery.

…odd that Darkfall would share something with my happy little Harvest Moon world.  I’m still deciding whether or not I should be disturbed by that.  There’s a fine gradient between giving players power and giving them tools for griefing, and I’m trying hard to stay on the light side of that Force.

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