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Those Who Can’t

We’ve all heard it, right?  “Those who can’t play, coach” or more generically, “those who can’t do, teach”.  I could wax long and winded about the applications of such in education (I still haven’t ranted about Investigations Math around here), but I wanted to explore a different tangent today:

Those who can’t play games, study and design them.

There’s a corollary as well:

Those who play games wish they could design them.

This sort of mentality spans a range of mentalities all the way from the loathed “armchair designer” to the bright guys over at Elder Game, professional game devs whose tagline is “Creating and running MMO’s is the real Elder Game!”.  Even professionals take time from the “real” dev work to theorize and postulate about game design, since more often than not, the game design that actually pays the bills is formulaic, executive-driven AAA-rated (but B-list quality) cookie cutter game design by the numbers.  Raph Koster, Lum the Mad (Scott Jennings), and the like maintain blogs wherein they write, sometimes at length, about game design. (more…)

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More on Pricing

I happened upon this little discussion about game pricing:

Do Video Games Cost Too Much?

Sure, the comments are populated by the typical trolls and whiners, but if you can filter the static, there’s a good discussion there about the demand curve and price points.  The linked articles are also worth perusing.  Yes, I’ve written about this before, but this is a good little bit of reference.  For a bonus, there’s even someone who mentions MMOs in a “Own it don’t rent it” comment.  Long story short, pricing in games, from the $15 subscription flatline to the $50 box, needs to branch out a little.  I figure this will be especially important as people are increasingly price sensitive in hostile economic territory.

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