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Timing and Taxes

I got this interesting little tidbit in my email today:


As it happens, yes, I did know that most of the Bailout Bill won’t be spent immediately, despite the rhetoric that it “must be passed now or the economy crashes!!!” that the media shoveled into our feeding trough.  It just strikes me as interesting that a company making money off of a Byzantine tax code would effectively admit that the Bailout was effectively sold under false pretenses (that is, if you’re paying attention).  No, H&R isn’t part of the gommint, but I suspect that they waited until after the bill passed to send this particular promotion out.  Can’t let the lemming consumers learn the reality of the Bailout after all, not when they can still complain to their congresscritters.

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Cloudy Crystal Ball

This guy is silly:

Dave Perry at DICE 09

Single player games will always have an audience.  The sales of the Nintendo DS have indicated that pretty clearly, among other things.  Even in the MMO space, Blizzard finally understood that the solo player is valuable.  ArenaNet knew that all along.

Don’t even get me started on his typical industry-popular hatred of used games.  News flash, Perry:  Not everyone is an early adopter, not everyone who isn’t is a pirate.  Price your games well to start with, and the sales will come.  (Especially for the next few years, maybe longer with stimulation.)

With professionals like this, I’ll take more armchair designers, thanks.

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Ten Grand

Sometime during the night when I was trying to get my children to sleep, WordPress recorded the ten thousandth visit to my little site here.  Yeah, I know, Tobold gets that in the time it took me to write this up… but it’s still a milestone that I am equally baffled about and pleased with.

Thanks for stopping by to read, everyone, and more, for adding your insight and interest to my little pocket of the ‘net.  It’s good to find like minded folk, but more than that, I’ve learned quite a bit from the discussions around here, both from those who share my views and those who differ.

Here’s hoping that some of these missives I throw out there are planting seeds that can either help individuals or the industry at large.  I write because I want to get it out of my system and to crystallize my thoughts, but if I’ve helped someone along the way, I’m happy.

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Thanks to Calculated Risk for this:

TARP Visualized

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