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Ysharros has a great post up on the new user-generated content machine in City of Heroes/Villains.  I’m warily intrigued, since on the one hand, I like the idea of giving players power… but on the other hand, players can be idiots.  The idea I love, the implementation and results are still up for grabs.

A Large Step for CoX

There are plenty of blog posts around on this particular little widget, so I’m not gong to belabor the point.  Interested parties can chase the chain of links to see some of the fuss.  I’m in “wait and see” mode, and may well comment later when things start happening, if I remember.

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It’s heartening to see others writing the same sort of arguments that I’d make.  Maybe it’s a shared delusion, but I really do think that the MMO market is poised for some interesting tectonic shifts in the relatively near future.  It’s the simple maturation of a market, despite the old generation doing all they can to maintain the status quo.

Spouse Aggro: F2P

Spouse Aggro: Mabinogi

Viva la revolution indeed.  At least this one just has digital blood in the imaginary streets.  I’m not looking forward to the pain involved in the awakening of the real world… but that’s another article.

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