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I loved Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords.  I’ve been looking forward to its “sequel”, Puzzle Quest: Galactrix.  Tobold wrote about it a bit ago, and I’ve been reading other reviews.  I’ve noticed a few interesting things that pop up pretty consistently regarding luck vs. skill, and the class system in PQ:Warlords vs. the lack of one in PQ:Galactrix.  Since I also write about MMOs, it’s probably not too hard to see how these might apply.  The post title might be a bit more obscure, but remember that I consider games to be all about choice, and MMOs to be perhaps the best genre to explore certain choices.  (This is a bit sprawling, weighing in at over 2400 words, so I’ve amputated it a bit here with a link.  I’m still toying with finding the sweet spot for doing that.) (more…)

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I’m sure that this isn’t news to everyone who reads this, but Nick Yee’s Daedalus Project has been put into hibernation mode.  I can understand where he’s coming from, and I wish him well in his future projects.  It would be a shame if people forget about the body of work he has assembled, though, so if you get some time, I highly suggest popping over there and digging around in his archives.

Daedalus Project

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