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Dumpster Diving

Longasc’s response to the Object Oriented Texturing post spawned an interesting thought:

Would it be interesting to dig into my screenshots folder for various games and look for things that are visually broken, and point out why and how to fix it, from my “technical artist in the industry” viewpoint?  Likewise, would it be interesting to point out things that work, and why, specifically as they relate to the sort of cheats that I spoke of in the OOT article?

On the one hand, I suppose that such might be a bit too much navel gazing, but at the same time, I do work in the industry and can offer some specific datapoints that might not be obvious.  It may skirt the obvious (duh, alpha sorting issues are so 1998), or the obscure (procedural animation), so it may be of middling value.

I’ll just see if I can find something interesting.  In the meantime, please feel free to make requests.  If there’s something about the art side of game dev that has piqued your interest, perhaps I can offer some insight.  Otherwise, I’ll just muck around and see what turns up.


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