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This is an interesting little nugget of data:

Number of Reviews

So… when we finally get Alpha Hex done, all twenty of you please review it, and we can drive massive sales!  Yay!

Sales… of a free open source game.  Right.  Sigh.  There go my delusions of retiring when I’m 45.  There’s still time to get in on the gommint bailouts, right?

Seriously, though, I wonder how well this maps to online games, considering the notion that most potential customers are already pretty tech-savvy and poking around online in the first place.  There certainly is a need for MMOs to generate early critical buzz, to nab that key early adopter critical mass.

So yes, if you like a game, especially an MMO, write about it!  The obvious examples to me are Saylah with Runes of Magic and Tipa with Wizard 101, but even Keen and Graev and Syncaine‘s love letters to Darkfall have piqued my interest, though the game itself isn’t up my alley.  Blogging isn’t the same as writing reviews on Amazon, but getting the word out is key, and if you can do both, all the better.  I’ve written about Atlantica Online, Puzzle Pirates, and will likely chime in on a few more games as time goes on.  Blogs may not wag the dog, as it were, but if you like something, talk and write about it!

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