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Quest Giver Power

Shamus’ comments at the end of this comic highlight a conundrum that anyone writing RPG content in games needs to keep in mind:

DM of the Rings:  Powerful NPCs

Of course, in a Harvest Moon setting, quests would be less about killing ten rats or the temptation to just kill NPCs for their loot.  In any game, though, this sort of dichotomy is ripe for all sorts of tired cliches (uberdude in disguise), so tread lightly.

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Tobold pointed at this little article:

Free Realms Preview

I’m actually interested in the game, and how they make the microtransaction system work.  I like that you can play for free, and I’m curious what they will sequester behind cash gates, and whether or not they will have a dual currency system.  I don’t have any complaints about any of that, at least not without seeing how they will work their implementation.

I do have to wonder though:  why put the game on the PS3?  That seems like an expensive port, and how many tweens have one of those stupidly expensive beasties?  I’m not seeing something, I’m sure, but from where I sit, the PS3 version of the game doesn’t make any business sense.

I suppose there’s something to be said for putting an MMO on a console to try to scratch out a niche, but wouldn’t this have worked better on the Wii?  I just don’t see a big intersection between the Venn spheres of “tween who wants to play an MMO” and “PS3 owner”.

I wish SOE well with this project, and I’ll be checking it out at some point.  I’m just… befuddled.

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29 Options

According to this fellow, there are 29 business models for games.

29 Business Models for Games

Interesting.  It’s nice to know that at least one industry vet isn’t stuck thinking that the Blizzard way is the only way.

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