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As in, Vehicular Rights Management.  Who says DRM is just for digital “property” any more?

Your Car Has Been Deactivated

One more brick in the wall…

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East Meets West, West Bolloxes Comment

What of Pearl Harbor?  WWII shooters?

…are there games that *don’t* offend someone somewhere?

I could wax snarky about the inevitability of this sort of thing given gamers’ penchant for murder and mayhem, but I’m feeling generous today.  I have World of Goo to look forward to.  (Is that game racist?  I mean, the black gooballs behave differently from the green ones…)


Grumpiness about PC shenanigans aside, that was a pretty powerful flub.  It’s nice to have a brain-mouth filter, y’know?

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My bosses are at the GDC this week, among other things, celebrating the fact that our “A Kingdom for Keflings” won Best Family Game in Microsoft’s 2nd Annual Xbox LIVE Arcade Awards.  Yes, it’s a fun game, no I can’t play it at home since I still don’t have an xBox.  *shrug*  My PS/PS2 library would stage a mutiny if I brought home an xBox, so I soldier on, content to know that my work on the platform is appreciated somewhere.

Anyway, this pair of articles caught my eye, especially since I’ve been investigating the indie scene a bit more lately, between buying and loving World of Goo and fiddling around with Alpha Hex.

Stardock and indie development

Indie Advantage

If there’s an official (free) transcript of these, I’d love to find them.  That was one of my pet peeves from SIGGraph; the transcripts cost an arm and a leg.  Ah, well.  You can’t have everything.

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