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Sony AIG?

Apparently, Sony is freezing “non-managerial” wages in what looks like a cost-cutting maneuver.  It’s not quite the same thing as AIG’s insane bonuses on this side of the pond, but it’s still boosting the managerial staff, when what should be happening is either a broad spectrum freeze or managerial cuts (or pink slips with no parachutes).  These are the guys, after all, who led the company merrily into red ink.  In a honest meritocracy, that sort of thing is a call for replacement, not shifting the burden to the cubicle drones or taxpayers to pay for bonuses or raises.

It’s a good time to be a manager, though.  I’m definitely in the wrong hotseat, at least if all I cared about was the money.  Even so, shafting the people who actually produce the goods isn’t a viable long term strategy.  It’s popular, but stupid.

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Thanks to Tipa for noticing this and posting about it:

W101 Player Housing

My wife has more than once suggested we check out working for King’s Isle.  Unfortunately, they aren’t hiring artists at the moment.  Still, these guys seem to get it better than most MMO devs.

I can’t help but think “if King’s Isle can do this, why not Blizzard?”  I’m sure excuses can be made, but man… King’s Isle is earning their keep.  Keep at it, lads!

…I wish I were at the GDC.  It’s a lot more appealing than E3 or PAX.  Then again, I’m the sort that wants to go to the SIGGraph classes, rather than prowl the product floor looking for free loot.

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WoWAR Funnies

First, who says retribution is only for Paladins?

Advertising Tomfoolery

And then this crazy bit of writing, brought to my attention via the crafty little Gnome over at Mystic Chicanery.

Scourge Chat

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