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It’s good to see someone gets it. What’s sad is that this circus is even still going in the first place.

Bring it, Jack

Between Attorney General Shurtleff and Governor Huntsmant, there are a few brain cells in our hallowed halls of leadership.  Here’s the money quote for me:

“Parents ought to be parents”

Beside the typical Jack Thompson antics, that’s the dangerous undercurrent of all of this mess, as well as in the economic woes overall.  Too many people are looking to the courts or The Government to solve their problems, rather than just stepping up and taking responsibility and actually parenting (which requires growing up and growing a brain and spine).  Once you open that door and get used to the crutch of Big Brother, it’s hard to stuff it back in Pandora’s Box.

There are good reasons to be wary of those who say “we’re from the government, and we’re here to help”.


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