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Much Too Much

I have too much on my plate and other, higher priorities than writing as much as I have been.  Besides, I’ve written much of what I have to say about modern MMO design, and it’s time to shift to doing something more productive (even if it’s mucking around with design documents for new ideas in MMO design).  On top of that, there’s this economy thing that seems to be a bit… tetchy, and I need to ferret out some other income avenues.  Thankfully, I’m still employed at a fantastic company, but I also want to do more design work and research for them as well.  (I still need to learn more Max scripting, for instance.)

This isn’t “lights out”, it’s morning roll call.  It’s been a nice all-nighter writing binge, but it’s time to get back to reality.  It’s not “this blog is now dead”, it’s “go check out the other writers that do great work, and keep the great discussions alive (even in my old posts)… and maybe I’ll write when I can make time”.  It’s not “blogging /ragequit”, it’s “I should be doing something a bit better with my time, but writing is too fun to completely quit”.

Y’all are great, thanks for the discussions, keep it up, and see you around.  Probably in the comments over at Ysh’s, Wiqd’s or Wolf’s place.  🙂


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