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You’re nuts.  The industry will use and abuse you, then throw you out for the next year’s model.  Even the IGDA, presumably the voice of reason against this nonsense, has all but thrown in the towel.  Apparently, ea_spouse didn’t teach any lasting lessons, though not for lack of trying.

Mothers Don’t Let Your Children Grow Up to Be Game Developers

And the inevitable parody, thanks to the brilliant bloke over at Kloonigames:

The Truth About Game Development

Not incidentally, this is why armchair developers are worth listening to; those in the industry aren’t necessarily the best and the brightest, just the most passionate and ignorant of (or tolerant of) abuse.  The best and brightest are working in other industries.  (And yes, this means I should probably be making better money somewhere else.  We’ll see what happens when the economy tanks.  Artists are usually the first to go in social crunch times; art just isn’t seen as essential.)

In other news, Blizzard has positions open… in Irvine, California, one of the epicenters of the housing meltdown.  Just sayin’… if you want to work with the big boys, bend over and get ready for the kick.  (And heaven help you if you have a family to support and love all at the same time.  Good luck, Ixobelle.  You’ll need it.)

Edited to add:

I’m actually lucky enough to work for a great company.  The industry isn’t all bad, and it’s still fun to work on games.  It’s just a young industry, and it’s not learning well from the experience of others.  Even Henry T. Ford understood that treating employees well was a good idea.  The attitude of the Epic guy in the IGDA presentation is just baffling.  These are the dinosaurs who should be phased out.

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