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Alpha Hex proceeds in our spare time, but life being what it is, that spare time is a bit constrained.

Still, we would like to get the game out there for people to play with, both because we think it’s a fun game, and because we would like feedback.  To that end, this is the “core” game of Alpha Hex, free for printing and play.  (There are potentially several thousand card designs; this is a small selection of 36 to tinker with, with a board and rules.)  This is copyrighted material, but it’s free for personal use.

I’m no DRM proponent, so there’s no sneaky skullduggery afoot.  I’m just trusting that people will respect the work we’ve done here and try not to pass it off as their own.  Please check it out, play it, and give us feedback (the email and some sample questions are on the last page of the PDF file).  We’d also appreciate it if you would pass it on if you know someone who might appreciate it.  The more the merrier!

We do reserve the right to build on this, potentially making commercial products.  This Paper Beta will always be free, though, and the core digital version under development will be open source.  Please enjoy the free version of Alpha Hex!

Alpha Hex Paper Beta

(Of course, we wouldn’t complain if you did decide to send us big bags of cash because you like the game so much.  Small unmarked bills are best.  Non-U.S. currency welcome.)


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I could wax long and winded about this, but I’ll just cite Raph:

CoH Players Make a Zillion Missions

Looking at Metaplace, Whirled, XNA and the increasing trend for democratization of game development, I’m a happy camper.  Middleware like Maya, Max and game engines are still too costly, and Blender and the like aren’t worth fighting the UI (despite being powerful).  Still, this is a step in the right direction.

Yes, we’ll be dealing with Sturgeon’s Law, but hey, we’re internet users, we do that already.

For my next trick, I’ll pull a rabbit out of my hat… er… find a way to pay the really creative armchair devs.  Blizzard isn’t exactly happy with UI modders, and there’s certainly plenty of *junk* out there in the user-generated universe, but there are also gems, and kicking a little back to the cream of the crop is a good PR move, good for encouraging more work, and good ethics.

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