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If you are one of those intrepid trendy souls who own an iPhone, you can check out the latest game that NinjaBee has released (these are the guys I work for when I’m not a caped superhero fighting crime in Megatropolis… er…):

Kaloki Adventures

It’s a port of Outpost Kaloki X for the XBox, which itself was a port of Outpost Kaloki, originally for the PC.  It took some shoehorning to make the game work on the iPhone, but I think it was well worth it.  It’s a great little tycoon game, with some quirky, fun characters.  (The Love Story is my favorite expansion.)

I could wax long and winded about the art side of the game (that I spent a lot of time with), but perhaps I’ll just refer you to our company blog post on the development of the game over here:

iPhone Lessons

And hey, if you do try it out or buy the game, please let us know what you think of it.


Oh, and if you have questions on the art, I’d be happy to talk about what we did and how… as long as it’s not proprietary information.  Working in games always means doing more with less (we don’t have the luxury of Pixar-level render farms and making one frame a week), but this particular project really pushed what I thought I could get away with when it comes to making things work.  Previously, I’ve worked on PS2 and XBox360 hardware, so this was a bit of a change.  It was a lot of fun, making things work with an almost minimalist approach.


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Just some reference material so I don’t lose the links, and because they may be interesting to some of you.

(These were compiled over two weeks or so, especially when I was home sick from work.  There’s nothing really spectacular here, or I’d have written a dedicated article… but there may be points of interest worth checking out.) (more…)

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