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X-Com Complete

Prowling around on Steam because of this little gem

Defense Grid

I happened upon another interesting offering:

X-COM Complete Pack

I loved the original and Terror From the Deep, though they weren’t perfect games.  Apocalypse didn’t work nearly as well for me, mostly because of the changes in the overland management layer.  Still, those three are worth digging into for archival reasons, if nothing else.  Each sells for $4.99, so getting the pack means picking up two extra games.  Not a bad deal at all.  (Though I’m not sure if those other two are any good… so I can’t speak to that.)

With my mind of late turning more to strategic and tactical gaming, perhaps these are natural fits.  I’d still like to see more tactical and strategic layers to MMO design, but for now, I’ll stick with these and that shiny old Tactics Ogre coming in the mail.  Yummy handheld gaming for this overscheduled daddy.

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