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Thanks to Hirvox for calling attention to this fascinating tangent:

Greedy Goblin Raiding

Gevlon’s mindset is fairly alien to me a lot of the time, but at least I can understand it. His latest experiment with guilds and raiding touches on not only the nature of raiding, but the mercenary nature of sociality (and the kerfluffle between soloists and guildies) in games like these.

What a curious little drama. I, for one, applaud Gevlon for finding this interesting arrangement. I hesitate to call it equitable, since the Goblin mindset isn’t really interested in equality, but the “transaction” clearly seems to be making both parties happy, and that’s enough. Of course, everyone is clear that they are using each other, but when it’s out in the open like that, and agreed to up front, it works.

Social contracts are interesting beasties, and this one, between a guy who is happy doing his own thing (largely preying on others, but not in a “group”) and a guild that seems to work very well as a tuned machine of many players, provides some interesting views on the nature of MMO player interaction.


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