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Rabid Vampires

I’ve not poked much fun at Twilight, mostly because it feels too much like swatting a fly with a howitzer.  Beside that, better minds than mine have taken stabs at it recently.  (Unfortunately, not with a wooden stake.)

Professor Beej – Mindless Fun

Still, when it’s lampooned effectively, I can’t help but chuckle.

Sam and Fuzzy

Sam’s comment in the first panel neatly sums up what I think of vampires and the whole “goth emo” scene, but it’s Fuzzy’s comment in the last panel really sells it for me.

*Yes, I’m still busy with the book illustration and other assorted projects, but I had to get these little silly things out of my system by foisting them off on visitors.  Lucky you.  I’ll be back to my semiserious “deep thoughts” (thanks, Ixo!) later.  I’ve got some game design to talk about next week.  Or later, depending on, well, everything.*

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I work as an artist in the game industry.  My BFA degree is in Computer Animation.  I spend a lot of time creating and critiquing computer graphics.  (And yes, I wish I were working at Pixar.  More accurately, I wish they would establish a studio close to my alma mater so I could work there.)

So when I took a quick look at this:

Stickney Crater

My first reaction was “they have a little UV stretching going on there, they should fix that, it’s sloppy work”.  Of course, it’s a photograph.  (A color enhanced one, but still, that’s a mugshot of dear old Phobos.)

…maybe I really should go back and get that PhD in Astrophysics like I’ve always wanted to.  Or get back to work on those illustrations…

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