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…but not earth shaking.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

It actually looks pretty cool.  I’ve been arguing for revitalizing the “old world” of Azeroth for a while now… almost as long as I’ve kept this blog alive.  This looks to be a smart move by Blizzard.  Though I could be snarky about elements, like the underwater stuff potentially designed to trump underwater exploration in GW2, I do think this is overall great work by Blizzard.  Time will tell how it turns out, I suppose.

They do have some guts to change the world for everyone, though.  No fancy phasing for high level characters on a whirlwind tour back through the slums, this is a real change for everyone.  I’ve also argued that changing things that way is OK for MMOs, and it’s nice to see the gorilla in the room making some significant changes.

Of course, the one change that they could have made to get me on board is one they haven’t actually embraced.  You still have to pay the sub fee, and you still have to get all of the expansions to get the most recent stuff, including the new races.  Bleh.  Blizzard, it’s the perfect time to package up the Old World and sell it as a standalone offline game.  Let the late adopters play with the old world that you’ve consigned to history.  (And those with a nostalgia kick would pick it up too.)

The concept art page is awesome, though.  It makes me want to go draw and paint, which is always a good thing.

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