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One Week Left

We’re one week in on the great Arthas Novel Giveaway contest, and there is one week left!  Hundreds of article hits thanks to what I’ll call the Big Bear Bump* (many thanks, BBB!), and um… not as many entries.  If you’re interested in getting your hands on a very lightly used (read once, Mint condition) Arthas: Rise of the Lich King hardbound novel, there’s still time.

Besides, who doesn’t like sounding off and offering an opinion of what someone else should do in World of Warcraft?

*Here it is, the Big Bear Bump (more traffic in a day than I usually see in a week… I’m glad that the word got out, and by all means, if anyone else knows of a good place where there might be interest in a free Arthas novel, link ’em in; the more the merrier):

Big Bear Bump

Big Bear Bump

Oh, and no, that’s not a desperate plea for more attention for the blog on the whole, even though I could get snarky about the recent Tobold “commentgate” kerfluffle.  Yes, I’d love to see more entries for the contest, but this blog is first and foremost just a bunch of tish tosh, and any reader beyond me is a bonus.  I’m glad to get some great comments here and there, but this is far from a day job or popularity contest.

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