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OK, this might be better as “You Can’t Keep A Good Writer Down”, but since I love zombies so much around here, any excuse to write about them is good, right?  Besides, ghost writers are so boring.

Saylah of Mystic Worlds has poked her head up over at Tipa’s West Karana with some posts about Aion.

Aion:  Living the Dream in the Ghetto

A Weekend in Aion

I can totally understand not wanting to maintain a blog, and writer’s burnout.  I wished Saylah well with her self-imposed “fade to black“.  Still, it’s good to see her writing again and having fun with a game.  Or at least, writing about it.  (And of course, I still wish her well.)

It also appears that even Hobbits like to look for adventure now and then, too.  Jedioftheshire has fired his blog up again with a few walls of text, and it’s good to see what he’s coming up with lately, too.  My favorite of the three is the most Unique one.

And then there is Erin Hoffman, the lady who kicked the doors off of frustration with the game industry as ea_spouse and who currently maintains Gamewatch.org.  Maybe I’ve just not been paying attention, but I haven’t seen her write as much as I used to.  So when I saw her new article over at The Escapist, I had to pop in.  It’s a doozie, and well worth a read:

Why Your Game Idea Sucks

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