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Nothing much this Friday, just a plug for a gaming gem that Good Old Games finally added to its library:

The Incredible Machine (Mega Pack)

If you’ve never played The Incredible Machine, this is a perfect time to pick it up.  This “Mega Pack” is several games in one package, comprising almost all of the Incredible Machine gaming released to date.  For $10, you get these venerable old games in a Windows XP-playable format, free of DRM.  GOG really has the best online game purchasing system, and a great library of fantastic games.  (Come on, Lucasarts, let GOG sell your masterpieces too!)

If you’ve ever had an inkling to play with Rube Goldberg devices or physics based games, TIM stands as a masterwork in the field.  The puzzle part of the game is worth the price alone, but the sandbox is the part that I’ll be introducing my little girl to.  She loves World of Goo, and this should be a blast for her.  (And hey, it’s even educational!)  This, WoG and Crayon Physics are the trifecta that make me happy as a gamer who managed to grow up, hoping to help my little ones find happiness in games.  They don’t make ’em like this often, and when they do, they really should be applauded.

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