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I’m not really much of a Halloween sort of guy.  What little I do for Halloween is indulge my kids’ interest and get candy cheap once the holiday is over.  I’ll even hand out candy to the little thugs that stop by if I’m in a good mood.

(OK, I’ve been having great fun with Halloween events in Wizard 101 and Puzzle Pirates, but that’s sort of… not normal.  When I tell neighbors I work on games, I get the standard blank stare and a “that’s nice” when they are actually trying to find a way to discreetly run away and tell their kids to avoid me.)

Anyway, things worked out this year.  I didn’t need to find a role to play for Halloween this year, Ixobelle did it for me:

Plot Refinement: NPC Intros


(Is it terrible that I can actually identify with the “grieving mad doctor” character?)

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