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I’ve written a few times now about Allods Online, and even posted a handful of screenshots.  It’s a beautiful game, full of interesting sights.  The lore of a world split into chunks, floating on the magic Astral (aetheric space with pretty blue cloudy strands of… stuff), populated by survivors of the world-shattering cataclysm, provides for some fun visual elements.  The verticality of the sights can be a bit… dizzying, though.  (So Ysharros, consider yourself warned…)

(As before, I’m hiding all the pretty pictures behind a More link to keep from killing anyone visiting the front page with a dialup internet connection.  If you’re direct linking to this, well… sorry, but it may take a little while to load.  As before, each picture is actually a link to a bigger version, if you’re looking for a closer look.)


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