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TRON 3.0

I know, I know, it’s actually TRON Legacy.  Still, it can’t be TRON 2.0, since that name was taken by the fantastic FPS game from a few years back.  (It’s still my favorite shooter, actually.)  And yes, “legacy” is a loaded word, appropriate for the movie, I’m sure.  And maybe this is really more like version 20.0… or something… but this is the third major TRON story.  Mmmmmmm…

TRON Legacy

It’s like a love letter to the geeks who embraced the first TRON, and who later became the generation obsessed with making it real in one way or another.  The throwback “neon white rocker” should have been left on the cutting floor, though.  *shudder*  Some things are best left in the 80s.

I’ll take silver blue neon tech warriors over nearly any other movie, though.  And the vehicles?  Forget Batman’s Tumbler, I want one of those TRON racers.  December will be a good month.


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