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For less than the $25 WoW Sparklelord pony, you could spend a bit of cash this weekend and get all of the following, rent-free:

Civilization IV Complete

Civilization III

Master of Orion 1&2

Master of Magic

Value is a… flexible thing, but for me and my house, I find more value in these games than anything Blizzard has to offer.  Apples to oranges, perhaps, but when it’s a question of how I spend my money, this is the sort of deal that I look for.  The value/cost equations make me happy.

…and if you’ve never played Master of Magic, you’re running out of excuses.  If nothing else, call it research.  I hear the Cub Scouts appreciate that sort of thing.  You might also appreciate what Stardock is trying to do with Elemental, a spiritual successor to the MoM magic that has lied fallow for years.

Happy Mothers’ Day weekend!

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