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I’m sure that the Turbine announcement of LOTRO’s impending Free to Play mode will generate a fair dose of trolling out there over the weekend (“oh, noez, the game is dying!” or “yayz, the game is dying!” or “we’re going to be overrun by MMO tourist trolls!”), but I’m going to echo Ravious on this one and be optimistic overall.  I think it’s probably a wise move for the longevity of the game in a shifting market.  That said, I’m still not sure when or even if I’ll be revisiting the game.

I don’t quite have the humorously adversarial relationship with the game that Shamus does, but LOTRO and I, well, we have history.  Y’see, it’s the only video game that has the distinction of traumatizing my daughter.  The cave troll that busts out of the wall in the Dwarf starting story had her convinced that a monster would break through her bedroom wall.  Dumb daddy (me) lets her sit on my lap sometimes as I play games, but that wasn’t the… wisest time to let her in on the LoTR IP.  She and I slept on the couches in the front room for three weeks until I convinced her that the Dwarves had moved into our neighboring mountains and had made the trolls go away.

I love kid logic.

Anyway, LOTRO isn’t a bad game, but neither is it really the MMO that I’m looking for, or the LoTR game that I’d most like to spend time with.  (That honor goes to this title that I’ve had on my shelf for years… yeah, high priority.)  Sure, I’d like to spend some quality gaming time in Middle Earth, it’s just that I can’t do that in DIKUMMO games since I have to spend too much time grinding before I can just look around without fear of being torn asunder by grumpy trolls, dire pigs, giant spiders… or whatever.

Still, it’s more tempting now than before, and they have a better chance of earning money from me like DDO did.  I’ll chalk that up as a win for the LOTRO guys, and I wish them well.

Anyone calling the date for when WoW finally does the same thing?  All I see in my crystal ball is Bobby Kotick, and I’ve seen my share of trolls for the day.

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Hattip to Larisa for this one.

Avatar Days is an interesting short film about a few WoW players.  It was made in four days.  I really have to applaud what these guys have put together.  I’ve worked on short films (albeit completely digital), and it really does take a fair chunk of work.  There’s nothing earthbreaking here, but it’s a fun spin on the documentary format, and a nice look at some relatively sane WoW players.

Well done, gentlemen!

I can’t help but wonder what a longer piece of work might look like, with less polygonal models and tighter animation matching.  Pity that the Tauren Druid (yay!) didn’t shapeshift.

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