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Bending to my curiosity, I fired up a ten day free trial of The Burning Crusade that is offered to “former or current” players of World of Warcraft.  I took the opportunity to start up a Blood Elf Paladin and a Draenei Shaman so I could look around and take a bunch of screenshots.  Totally unpredictable, I know.

Mournful lack of originality aside, I realized that I could also play my old friend Padgi for a few more days.  So, I fired up another random dungeon and found myself in Blackrock Depths.  The players I wound up with were decent, and things went smooth enough, despite the occasional death.  Once the Warrior tank got his Force of Magma (I should have rolled Need on it, but didn’t… Ironaya‘s stick is still good enough for me.) from Bael’Gar, he and his Hunter buddy dropped the group.  The Mage and Shaman healer soon flitted off as well, leaving me alone in the depths of a hot and Dwarf-infested place.

So naturally, I wandered around and took some pictures.  One must make the most of situations, hm?

While watching the Dwarf patrols, I wished I had four other Druids with me.  We could sneak around as kitties, picking and choosing our fights with surgical precision, looking to bust some allies (er, Hordies?) out of the deepest, darkest prison.  There’s just something deeply appealing to me about a party of Druids, supremely flexible, going all A-Team on a dungeon.  (Pretend for a moment that you could split up and accomplish cool things for the group without being attached at the hip.)  I’ve played through enough “old world” dungeons to start feeling like they are all pretty much the same.  Pull group, let the tank secure aggro, shred some backs, lick wounds, loot, lather, rinse, repeat.

I’m probably doing it wrong, but it really does just seem like the same thing over and over again, just with different window dressing and loot.  It’s fun enough to play through these dungeons at least once, but still… I wish I could play with an elite team of Druids, handling problems their own way, rather than doing the Same Old tank/healer/dps dance.  I know, I know, the game isn’t designed for that… but sitting in a corner as  a quiet, deadly ninja kitty… I had a glimpse of what I wanted to play, and it was glorious.

Pity I can’t have it… but alas, that’s life.

Yes, yes, I’m sure I could find a Druid guild somewhere, but that’s just part of the equation.  The “split up and orchestrate a devious plan of attack” bit is what really appealed to me as I lurked around in the ‘Depths.  Yeah, we could come back as level 80 monsters and totally outclass the hapless Dwarfs, but where’s the fun in that?

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