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I’m decidedly not a fan of the sort of PvP that is typically offered in MMOs.  While I was a huge fan of Street Fighter 2 once upon a time, and thoroughly enjoy a bit of Puzzle Fighter-esque Swordfighting in Puzzle Pirates (though Rumble is definitely superior in my book), those are very different animals.  They are delightfully balanced, tuned like a loved machine.  The imbalances that come with a leveling system and gear variance make MMO PvP far less appealing to me.

Still, on my last day of the ten day retrial of WoW (for The Burning Crusade… though I spent the bulk of my time pushing through the high 40s and low 50s with my old character, Padgi) I figured I’d at least see what the Alterac Valley had to offer a scrub like me.  Open world PvP is just a cycle of bullying fueled by ganking, so it’s an aggravating waste of time for me, but the battleground was a bit more interesting.

It almost felt like taking part in a bit of good old WarCraft, just as a foot soldier rather than a disembodied commander.  Of course, the only direction and strategy was “rush em!”, and try to stay in the knottiest of Zerg knots so as to stay in the action and hide behind juicier targets.  I’m sure some focused battleground groups would wipe the arena with such an unfocused blob, but it was fun enough to run about willy nilly and take out targets of opportunity.  I probably killed this one Human dude a half dozen times… a rather surreal way to wage war, but fun enough for what it was.  (I still think a Valhalla MMO would be a good idea.  We’re not living alternate lives, we’re piloting weirdly immortal bloodlusty berzerkers.)

As it happens, though, it seems my computer is allergic to PvP.  Just as our blob was about to overwhelm the northernmost Alliance graveyard and push on to the NPC boss, I was cut down by an errant Shadowbolt… and my computer crashed.  Hard.

I got a Blue Screen of Death, and my computer spent the next fifteen minutes in a death spiral of rebooting and recrashing.  I finally powered it down and let it rest for a while, after which it seems to be running well enough… but for a while there, it was a most unhappy machine.  It has happened several times in the last week or two… and I’m still not sure why.  I blame it on Steam, since the first time it crashed, I was playing the recently installed Mirror’s Edge… and I’ve had crashes during other Steam games… though that was the first WoW crash.

It seems my computer has some problems with PvP as well.  Maybe the Cataclysm will make it happier.  In the meantime, it’s Rumble for me.


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