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Links and Rolls

No, this isn’t some new Green Eggs and Ham sort of thing wherein I concoct a dissertation on the value of sausage and bread blobs… though somehow relating that to game design might be fun someday.  Hmm…

Alas and anyway, this is merely a quick apology and request.  If you have a link to my dusty little corner of the web and I’ve not returned the favor, please know that I’m not a snob or anything, I’m merely blithely incompetent.  I don’t prune and polish my blogroll like a loving link butler, I just sort of let it grow wild.

So, if I’ve neglected you in the great circle of link life, please poke your head up and berate me, and I shall rectify the situation as time permits.

Thank you,

The administration, signing in for Tesh while he is punished accordingly.


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