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So… kiss and make up, or is the honeymoon over?

I’m no psychologist, but I can’t help but wonder how this might parallel an abusive relationship.

Party A:  *pulls stupid stunt*

Party B:  Forget it, we’re through!

Party A:  I’m so sowwy, I didn’t mean it!

Party B:  OK, you’re so hot I can overlook the stupid crap you pull time and again, here’s my credit card, let’s go party!

Repeat as necessary.

When do the blinders come off, or do inertia and sex appeal perpetuate the cycle?


Hattip to Sev over at Ysharros’ place

Oh, and I love the escape clause:  “at this time”

Party A:  Don’t worry baby, it won’t happen again

OK, OK, silver lining, they are responsive to complaints.  Granted.

That said, may I take a moment and remind people that this was still a stupid jerk move in the first place, and recanting after people get pissed doesn’t tell us that they have changed, or that they are sorry, just that they dance well.  They never should have done this in the first place, and their claim that they have been thinking about this for a long time should tell us that they are still either incompetent or arrogant.  That doesn’t change with a slap on the proverbial wrist.  They aren’t sorry that they tried this, they are sorry they got called on it and that their revenue was threatened.  There’s a world of difference.

Oh, and this was a textbook example of goodwill withdrawal.  They might yet staunch the blood flow, but the point remains that this was a totally unnecessary and avoidable self-inflicted wound.


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…have good reason to outweigh the needs of the many, Spock’s heroic sacrifice notwithstanding.

Y’see, as Uhura rightly points out in Of Gods and Men, the balance between the needs of the many and the needs of the few and how it guides choices hinges on who makes the choices.  It’s the difference between communism and community, between fascism and freedom.

When the individual chooses to sacrifice for the many, it’s noble and heroic.  When the group sacrifices for an individual, it’s heartwarming and constructive.

When the group tells the individual to sacrifice for the sake of the collective, it’s a short hop to Big Brother Statism and all of its ills.  When the individual demands the group sacrifice for them, special interests can control society over the voice of a silent majority.

…and yes, I just used Star Trek and a fan film as a springboard to obliquely refer to a game company’s statist behavior and warn against fascism clothed in feel-good stated intentions.  Yes, I think that Blizzard using RealID as some sort of “the community needs to be a better place” excuse, while stripping away the defenses of people who would rather be anonymous for non-trolling reasons is firmly on the wrong side of the balance of this “needs” philosophy.  I won’t bother with political applications of this principle at the moment, but they exist.

While I’m at it, here’s an interesting take on how the Federation might just be a giant, scary cultish mess (the second video, unfortunately it’s a bit mouthy, but he makes some solid points).

Too much geek for one day?

Did I need to throw a KHAAAAAAN! in there?  I mean, really, fiction and games can’t possibly have anything useful to say about real life, can they?

Oh, and this sort of kerfluffle is precisely why many “pundits” such as myself write so much about the business of games in addition to the games themselves.  They inevitably affect each other, no matter how much we want to mentally isolate the game world from the real world.

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