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OK, OK, more game design goodness in the queue (tomorrow morning and beyond… there’s a lot of game design stuff I really want to dig into, from tabletop mini games to MMOs to Candyland), but I wanted to throw this one out there and get it out of my system.  What if a politician ran on a platform with the tenets espoused by Mr. Denninger here?

A True Path Forward?

Talk about Hope and Change.  (Anyone else find it interesting that Obama’s splash page is a commitment to vote?  OHai, Big Brother, ya man, here’s my info, rock on!)  I’m idly curious if such a platform would gain any traction in a political climate that all too often wins by promising the moon in as vague of terms as possible, with no actual intent to deliver.  Mr. Denninger’s tenets are altogether too… specific, dramatic and pragmatic.

I like that.  I also find myself oddly reminded of that Dave movie, where an accountant or some such who looks like the President finds himself doing the job.  I found it funny that he’d actually take time to work on cutting spending and balancing the budget.  What a weird notion.  I mean, austerity, pfft.

I find myself detached from any real politics these days, though.  Maybe that’s because the politicians are detached from the people?  Interesting times, these.  If I wasn’t living through them, I’d find them utterly fascinating to study.

Disclosure:  I didn’t vote for Obama… or Bush… or McCain… or Kerry.  Can’t stand either party, or most politicians in general, no matter the country or party.  At least gamers have the courtesy to keep their megalomania restrained to fictional worlds.


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