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BBB has the post up for his latest WoW event:

Raid From The Heart

So yeah, if you’re playing the game, go check it out.  I even get a mention since I did some art for the shindig.  Whee!

…oh, and I’ll probably be making some desktop wallpaper images for further promotion here when I can make some time this week.  Kinda like this one…

Edited to add:

For some *odd* reason, a trackback has been placed on the following article, from this one… though I don’t remember ever actually putting in such a link.  So, I may as well make that trackback honest:

Alot is Better Than You At Everything

It’s actually a fantastic article, so I’m happy to call attention to it… but I still have no idea why this article linked to it initially.  It’s a favorite of mine, to be sure, but this is totally unrelated.  Sorry for any confusion!

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