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…in Dalaran, do Blizzard devs notice?

Shintar’s The Day That Tree Form Died

Larisa’s Yet Another Angry Post From A Disappointed Ex-Tree

Ardol’s It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye: Tree of Life and a nice set of screenshots as a Photo Tribute

I’ll just sound another voice, saddened for the loss.  I do play in cat/bear form most often (if I’m playing WoW at all, anyway), but this always struck me as an odd choice by Blizzard.  The new forms are a bit strange, too, though they do feel more like the traditional Ancients that the Night Elves revere so much, albeit with a slightly… bovine facial structure.  Think “buffaloak“, perhaps.

Of course, you’re not supposed to listen to the players, so no sweat, Blizzard.  (My snark aside, that’s a good article from Scrusi… and it looks like Blizzard is throwing sad Druids an olive branch anyway, see Ghostcrawler’s post in this thread.)

One more voice:  Lara’s Fare Thee Well


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