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Merry Christmas, Cowdude

This was my Christmas gift to myself, the product of some fun playtime and a fair does of whimsy.

Because nothing says “Lore is Important” and “Don’t mess with me” like a Tauren on a rocket-powered tricycle.  (Or is that “I played too much Mario Kart back in the day”?)

A moment of silence for a fallen king

Hanging with the Alliance in the spirit of cooperation and goodwill.

Peace on Azeroth, Goodwill t'ward Dwarves, Men and Elves

Making plans.  Big plans.  Goblins are the key, as painful as that is to say.

Gadgetzan, now beachfront property... that port is important

Best to park this beastie, lest I overwhelm Azeroth with coolness.  Or laughter, whichever comes first.

The lift down into the Gnomecave

Time for some rest.  Then, back to work on that tactical game and the board game.  See you all on the flipside!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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