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I’m not stalling for time while I put together another Balance article.  Nope, not at all.  This is something I’ve been itching to share but only recently got permission to do so.

I’m an artist in the game industry.  I work with other artists who also happen to be in the game industry, which is convenient, since we’re working on the same projects at the same company.  Here at NinjaBee, the little studio that I work for, the artists have started monthly art challenges.  These keep our skills up and are just plain fun.  Beside that, most of these other artists are better than I am, so if you like my scribblings and paintings I offer on occasion, you might just like seeing what other artists come up with.

Find ’em thisaway:


But please, don’t mess up the place.  It’s a nice, quiet, classy blog where some game artists post weird, wacky art.  I’m sharing because it’s great art by some great people, and I figure a few of you might appreciate that sort of thing.  It might even spur some of you to try some of our challenges, which can be great exercises for anyone interested in working in this industry.

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