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Winds of Change

Ah, March.  70 degrees Farenheit one day, snowing the next.  I love my state.

Anyway, with the weather in a bit of confusion, there are other winds afoot as well, stirring things about in a bit of pre-spring restlessness.  (At least up here in the Northern Hemisphere.  Apologies to those of you down south.)

The MMO Melting Pot “blogger map” is alive and kicking.  It’s an interesting stalking tool, er, datapoint.  These MMO things are pretty diverse, and it’s interesting to see that reflected in blogs as well, though it would be great to see some African or other Asian entries.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the views over at TK Nation (among them the classic China’s War Beyond Azeroth article).

On a lamentable note, Larisa over at the Pink Pigtail Inn has posted a heartfelt farewell.  She is an excellent writer with a heart of gold, and she will be sorely missed.  Life moves on, though, and nobody blogs forever.  Fair winds, Larisa!

And yes… I’m working on another Balance article dealing with time.  It’s a somewhat substantive topic, so I’m trying to find the best way to parse and present things.  In the meantime, I’ve been indulging in yet another art challenge at work.  This time, well… it’s a bit of a change from what one might expect.  Let’s just say that my childhood in the 80s was a fairly pleasant one, but my imagination goes in funny directions sometimes.  Care Bears mixed with Voltron?  Sure, why not?

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