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Munchkins are creepy.

They dress in absurdly colored gear (where everyone of equal rank and function looks the same), move in herds, wear their ridiculous guild membership like thugs, celebrate boss kills with silly dances, and their faith in the Yellow Brick Road as the One True Path to enlightenment borders on bizarre.

Oh, and their singing is like fingernails on a chalkboard.  Urgle.

But what of this “Yellow Brick Road” thing?

Yellow Brick Road

Questeth this way, braveth heros!*

*Brick road photograph from CGTextures.com, yellow “paint” added by Tesh

It leads to a Wizard of some sort, right?  The guy with all the answers?  Big floating, disembodied head with the power to grant wishes?  Except, oh, wait.  There’s this curtain involved.  And some dude with machines pulling off an elaborate authority scam.

And whaddayaknow… in the end, he says that the Scarecrow’s brain, the Lion’s courage and Tin Man’s heart were there from the start, developed through the journey they shared with a girl who only wanted to get home to the people she loved.

Maybe, just maybe… it’s the people and the journey after all.

Dorothy found her friends when she ventured from the path.  Her friends developed their own worth when they went even further off the path to save Dorothy.  The Yellow Brick Road ultimately took them somewhere they didn’t even need to go.

Maybe playing a game is more than just being passively entertained.  It certainly seems to me that the whole point of playing a game instead of watching a movie is to be an active participant, making decisions and solving problems.  (Note:  devs and players both have to take part in this.)

Maybe that road not taken really is the best road.  It makes all the difference when we choose to be agents of our own destiny instead of just following the well-trodden path.

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