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…that is the question.

Donate money to a good cause out of the kindness of your heart, or donate because you get something out of it?

Donate an indeterminate amount of money to the Humble Bundle system to get 12 indie games (I recommend Cogs and Crayon Physics Deluxe highly and Braid is in there, too), or donate 756 bells to the neighboring town in Animal Crossing, Wild World, with only the knowledge that your neighbors are eating dirty rice instead of grilled dirt?  Donate cloth to the quartermaster in your capital in World of Warcraft to gain reputation (and unlock rewards) or take a newbie on an auction house shopping spree?  Give your money to the State and trust the philosopher kings to do the right thing with it for the Greater Good or put it in the economy yourself and trust your fellow man to do the Right Thing?

Questions, questions.

What do we do with our time and largess?

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