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Note to self and other game designers: the Pentagonal Icositetrahedron is not really suitable as a die.


So naturally, I designed one before recognizing that simple fact.  (Protip: Don’t design when sleep deprived.)


Gearwork D24

It doesn’t have flat opposing faces, so when it’s at rest, there’s no “top” face to read off, just a triplet of faces.  So yeah… Tesh dice design failure #1.  Maybe there’s a game mechanic where you’d need 3 values from a D24… so let’s call that a design challenge, maybe.  Except, they wouldn’t be three random values, since the same face it’s lying on at rest will always give the same three values.

…I’m not seeing a way out of this.

Oh, well.  I’ll use the gearface tech on other suitable polyhedra.  And there are some fun ones out there…

Edited to add:

Ah, that’s better.  This one will actually work as a die!  It’s now for sale, too!


DGear24, ready to go.  I recommend the bronze version, of course, but you can make it in pretty much anything.

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