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The guys over at the Ironman Mode: The Blog sent a random email to me over the weekend, asking for a bit of airtime.  (Or whatever the digital blog equivalent is.)  I don’t usually care about such requests, but this one is worth writing a bit about.

I’m actually not all that interested in Ironman challenges in my own gaming, but I appreciate their aim of blogging about self-imposed hardcore gaming and trying to use that as a platform for some humor and Child’s Play donations.  It’s nice to see players playing games their way instead of following the golden path, and doing a bit for charity en route.  I’ve thought about doing a “MMO travelogue” blog before (gotta use those 5000-and-counting screenshots somehow, right?), so I can totally understand the impulse to get out there and share a themed blog.

And hey, Minecraft is their most popular title so far, so that’s some bonus points right there.

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